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A Plea to the Friend Wishing to Die


I love you. I can't wait for you to love you too.


Remember when you woke and the first thing you noticed about the world was that you were part of it? The first breath you took was a hello. You recognized that air inhabited your lungs. You wondered what you were supposed to do in a world full of possibilities. You did not understand you were a world of potential.

Remember when you sang? Remember when you danced? Your body smiled. It gave thanks for everything and nothing. There was no explanation necessary.

You remember when you first caught a glimpse of the shadow. You remember the fear of meeting a stranger who quickly became a familiar face. You remember questioning why darkness had to accompany the light.

Do you remember when there was a fight in you? Do you remember when you wanted to wake with a song on your lips instead of a sob? Do you remember when your feet tapped in time instead of racing against the beat of your anxious heart?

I am asking you to reconsider the light. I am asking you to trust me when I say it is still good. See, the light burns with a love for you, but that does not mean the darkness will shy away.

Though it is tempting to rest in the shade, I promise you, when you step out, you will feel the heat stronger than ever. Do not be startled by its urgency, but take refuge in its presence. It has not forgotten you.

So, wake up. Congratulate yourself for a job well done. Sing. Dance.

The sun is not mistaken about where it shines.

The world is not finished with you yet. You have barely begun.

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