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About Sherlyn

(a she/her pronounced sher-leen)

love telling stories. Here's mine.

As a freelancer, I am a journalist first – but I am also a researcher, copywriter, ghostwriter, strategic and digital communications professional, and blogger. I also film and edit mini docs and promotional videos.


You can find my journalism in news publications and magazines across feature stories, profiles, opinion pieces, creative nonfiction, and book reviews. My writing explores social justice and human rights, philanthropy, faith and spirituality, literature, entertainment, lifestyle, and pop culture. 

As a nonprofit professional, I have written, researched, and volunteered in the area of human trafficking since 2016. My experience includes awareness, prevention, frontline support, and anti-human trafficking training through communications, project coordination, fundraising, and program development. Other social impact areas of experience and interest include women and gender diverse people's equity, the Black community, LGBTQ2S+ community, sex workers, and youth.

Whether you're interested in my bylines, nonprofit work, videography, or blog, I am looking forward to working with you. 


Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. Moved to Ottawa, Ontario to study Journalism and Political Science, then a Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at Carleton University. Currently living and working in the United Kingdom.

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Setting Sail

About the blog:

I have always been horrible at introductions. I am unsure how to present myself in a way that will entice my listeners to want to know more, without abusing the attention they are lending me. I do not know what you want to know. I do not know what I want you to know. And therein lies our conundrum.

I suppose I should start by unpacking my theme.  I do not sail. I have never sailed. I cannot write prose about the excitement of salt water lapping at my ankles, the rope-burn callouses, and sun-dried skin – at least, not honestly.

You see, a few years ago ago, among the comments of a YouTube video, someone articulated a thought that keeps me company to this day. 

They wrote: “If I were to sail out to the horizon, from my point of view I would never reach it; but to you, standing on the shore it would look like I had. How shockingly similar that is to life, and work and "success". You never feel like you've made it, but to the people watching you – you're sailing the unreachable line.”

As a competitive woman, a recovering perfectionist, and one who wishes to experience every adventure life can offer, I need to be reminded that my biggest critic is myself. From athletics, to relationships, my education, and future career, I am guilty of believing I am not good enough when too many challenges rally against my confidence.

It is important to consider my biased perspective. It is crucial to be self-aware. As I navigate my studies, my writing craft, and my new-found independence, I will surely meet adversity. But, I will stop squinting at the sun ahead of me, and fix my gaze on where I began. I will see the determined Sherlyn who has just unmoored her vessel. I will smile. Look how far she has come.

I am sailing the unreachable line. Will you join me?

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I read. I write. I learn. I live.

I sail.

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