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I wanted to discipline myself to write more. Whether it was poetry, stories, something short, or even something bad, I was to write - and to hold myself accountable, I was to post on "sail" at least once a month.

I fell short. My mind's been amiss, and I haven't written much at all.

But I began reminding myself that sometimes, it's okay to misplace your words.

If you're having trouble channeling your creativity or loving your favourite hobby, know it's okay to pause. It will still be waiting for you when you're ready to go back.


You are still a writer.

You are still an artist.

You are still a musician.

You are still you.

You may feel you are no longer worthy to carry your title because your mind has robbed you of the love for your passion, but the sun always rises. It dips behind dense foliage and steep mountains. It is smothered by clouds and hides behind skyscrapers after happy hour. It sets under the unreachable line at sunset, but it does rise again.

It will peak its way over roofs, whisper a timid hello to the city who knows it so well. No one will wonder where it went, but smile because it has come again. Then, it will burst through thickets and laugh behind airplanes as it takes its place in the sky.

Like clockwork, it will rise again.

You may feel you are no longer worthy to carry your title because your mind has decided you have nothing more to give. But friend, before your fingertips grazed that wooden #2 pencil, your hands tasted paint for the first time, your thumbs tickled nylon on your grandma’s guitar, it was decided.

The passion is paused, but it will not be stifled. You have not written, but the words will find their way back home. You have not painted, but the picture is awaiting its creator. You have not played, but the instrument can already hear the melody.

Like clockwork, friend; you will rise again.

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